About Us

Children’s Better Life Program, Inc is a Philippine charity organization devoted to improving the lives of indigent children and their communities. Our main focus is on helping children from the urban poor communities to overcome poverty and experience a better life. We give children in poor urban communities the tools they need to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. We help children and youth gain the skills and confidence they need to create promising futures free from poverty.

Our Core Values

  • We live the mission
  • We are committed to poor children
  • We believe human connections matter
  • We see potential in everyone
  • We are stewards

Street children in the Philippines | DW Documentary

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Reabelle Q. Damasco
Executive Director

Marivic Panilawan
Project Manager/Treasurer

Milo Hernandez
Project Manager

Stephen Lyon
Project Advisor

Teodulo Jose T. Gonzales
Project Coordinator